—Planned Session 01—

The Origins of Modern Planning Education: Global Perspectives | Chair: Christopher Silver

Origins of planning education in the united states | Christopher Silver

Class & Clinic: The Penn Model | Eugenie L. Birch

Brazilian Planning Education: The Historical Links To Architecture and Urbanism | Joseli Macedo

Martini Meyerson, Jaqueline Tyrwhitt The Internationalization Of Planning Education | Ellen Shoshkes

—Planned Session 02—

City & Housing | Chair: Luciana Massini Inoue

Piratinga, A Trading Post Of 'Alta Paulista': History Of Planned City By A Railroad Company in Brazil, 1905 | Cristina Campos

São Paulo City, Urbanization & Town Planning: Considerations About Housing For Workers, 1942-1964 | Luciana Massami Inoue

Architecture & Urbanism in Paranapiacaba | Thais Cruz

Tradicionalisms & Modernisms In Residential Architecture Of The City Of São Paulo | Maristela da Silva Janjulio

—Planned Session 03—

Women Town Planners From The 1930's To The 1950's: Three Case Studies | Chair: Mark Clapson

The Rise And Fall Of Dr. Monica Felton British Town Planner & Peace Activist | Mark Clapson

Advocacy & Antagonism In Australia Planning: The Paradox Of Florence Taylor | Robert Freestone

Flora Crockett Sthephenson (1914-1979): Forty Years Of Collaborations In Planning | Christine Garnaut

—Planned Session 04—

A Comparative Perspective | Chair: Lawrence J. Vale

Public Housing In The United States: 75 Years Of Social Experiments | Lawrence J. Vale

The Ambivalent Success Of Social Housing In Germany | Florian Urban

What To Do With The Social Housing Projects Of The 1950's? Looking Ahead In Israel | Tali Hatuka

—Planned Session 05—

City. Film. Identity. | Chair: Luis Urbano

Between Spaces | Luis Urbano

Architecture in Films The Representations of The City In The New Cinema São Paulo & Lisboa: Two Cities, One Approach | Ana Resende

Brasília A Cinematic City | Miguel C. Tavares

—Planned Session 06—

Between Planning & Designing: Interdisciplinary Strategies To Link The Various Scales Of The Urban Phenomenon | Chair: Renato Sobral Anelli

Urban Planning, Urban Design & Architectural Design In São Paulo During The Military Regime | Renato Luiz Sobral Anelli

Lessons From The Italian Urban Planning: The Bernardo Secchi`s Continuous Scale Crossing Over | Milena D'ayala Valva

Access With Accent An Attempt To Outline A Rhythmic Approach To Urban Neighbourhoods | Timothy Pape

—Planned Session 07—

City Planning Exhibitions I | Chair: Robert Freestone

Post-War Recostruction & Planning Promotion In 1940's Australia | Robert Freestone

Engagement & Exhibitionism In The Era Of High Modernism: The Example Of 1940's Bilston | Marco Amati

—Planned Session 08—

The Process Of Urban Dispersion In Brasilian Metropolitan Areas & Urban Agglomerations | Chair: Nestor Goulart Reis Filho

Metropolitan Planning & Urban Politics In A Context Of Disperse Urbanization: Notes From Belo Horizonte, Brazil | Heloisa Soares de Moura Costa

Industrialization, Urban Concentration & The Recent Process Of Urban Dispersion In The Médio Paraíba Fluminense - RJ, Brazil | Júlio Cláudio da Gama Bentes & Raquel Torrano Araruna

The Massive Expansion Of Urbanization Of Maceió-AL (Brazil) in The 2000's | Maria Rocha Monteiro

Metropolitan Area Expansion & Urban Dispension In The Southeast Axis Of Fortaleza-CE, Brazil | Beatriz Helena Nogueira Diógenes

—Planned Session 09—

Public Buildings & Public Space From Late Colonial Times To Present | Chair: Fernando Perez Oyarzun

Taming The River & Building The City: Infrastructure And Public Space In Santiago de Chile 1750—1810 | Fernando Perez Oyarzun

The Age Of Urban Hygiene. A Review Of Politicics & Public Buildings In Late Colonial Santiago (1788—1810) | Macarena Ibarra Alonso

Stage Of a Atate: From São Paulo's Teatro São Jose The The Teatro Municipal, From Empire To Republic | Aiala Levy

From Closed City Of Convents To Open City Of Public Spaces: Santiago 1710—2010 | Jose Rosa Vera & Blanca Peres

From The Plaza Mayor To The Plaza De Armas In Santiago De Chile: Transfiguration Of Public Space Between The Colonial And Republican Periods | Marco Barrientos Monsalve

—Planned Session 10—

Public Open Spaces - Pesistence & Perspectives | Chair: Thereza Christina Couto Carvalho

Public Open Spaces: Trans-Disciplinary Approaches | Luiz Guilherme Rivera de Castro

Public Opens Spaces Turnes Private - The Case Of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil | Angelica Benatti Alvim

Santa Cecilia Square: Morphology & Urban Legislisation | Denise Antonuci

Remaing Landscape: Public Open Spaces & Urbanization Process In The Coastal Region Of Brazil | Vanessa Lacerda & Bernard Gauthiez

Public Open Space - Permanence Mutations & Future Prospects | Thereza Carvalho Santos

—Planned Session 11—

City & Territory | Chair: Maria Lucia Caira Gitahy

Global Networks Crafting Modernity: The Pacaembu Scheme, 1933—1940 | Cristina Mehrtens

The Urbanism Of Lebret & Sagmacs | Lucas Cestaro

State Planning, Government Polices & Territory in São Paulo State: Spatial Analysis Of The Initiatives Of State Infrastructuring, 1957-1963 | André Augusto de Almeida Alves

Construction Of A Planned City: Initial Plan & Institucionalization Of Urban Planning In Maringá, PR | Fabíola Castelo de Souza Cordovil

—Planned Session 12—

City Planning Exhibitions II | Chair: Marco Amatti

The Modernist City As Spectacle: Selling Post War Neighbourhood Planning At The Festival Of Britain, 1951 | Susanne Cowan

Jaqueline Tyrwhitt & The Village Centre At The International Exhibition Of Low Cost Housing, New Delhi 1954 | Ellen Shoskes

From Garden City To Carrot City: Discourses & Displays In Planning’s Dialogues With Food | Joe Nars & June Komlsar

—Planned Session 13—

City Planning Exhibitions II | Chair: Gala Caramellino & Filippo de Pieri

Germany’s New Postwar Urbanity: Housing Projects & The Redefinition Of The Working Class | Alexandre Staub

Stories Of Houses: Two Cities & Thirty Buildings (Milan And Turin, 1950—75 | Filippo Se Pieri

Apartment Buildings For The Middleclass: Cultural Transformation Of Domestic Life & Urban Densification Buenos Aires, 1960—1975 | Anahi Ballent

Building Middle Classes’ City Urban Transformation & Planning Practices In Milan, 1950s—1960's | Federico Zanfi

That Other Planning: Engaging The Peripheral Fabric Of Latin American Cities | Fernando Luiz Lara & Dlana Maldonado


—Session 01—

New Towns: Urban Theories, Social Experimentation & Socio-Cultural Contexts

Anglo-Brazilian Living In The Victorian Period: A Mining Town Case Study | Stael Pereira Costa Alvarenga

Barry Parker: Before & After Jardim America | Mervyn Miller

An Enchanted World Order: Theosophical Garden Cities In England, India & Australia | Shiben Banerji

Planning Rubber Plantations: Tropical Production, Malaria & The Management Of Labor In British Malaya, 1900—1942 | Jiat-Hwee Chang

New Cities As Socio-Spatial Laboratories | Ricardo Trevisan

—Session 02—

Housting History

Military Housing In Brazil: Architectural Features & Urban Layout | Mariana Fialho Bonates & Fernando Diniz Moreira

The Housing Act Of 1954 & The War Against Slums In The Southwestern United States | Robert B. Fairbanks

Borrowing Ideas: The Changing Form Of Metropolitan Housing In Budapest | Csilla V. Gal

Housing Projects As Modern City Projects: The Housing Of The Iap In Great São Paulo | Camila Ferrari

Preliminary Design For The Urban Plan Of Porto Alegre (1951) & The Urban Designs For The Industry & The Working Class: Planning Convergences | Adriana Eckert Miranda

—Session 03—

Landscape, culture & Urban Transformation

Urban Transformations, Indigenous Processes & Ripple Effects | Thereza Cristina Couto Carvalho

Changes In Istanbul Urban Identity | A. Buket Önem

Atlas Of Ethnographic Landscape In Rmc Metropolitan Region Of Curitiba - Brazil | Milena Kanashiro

A Look At The Maroon Periurban Areas: The Case Of The City Macapá - Ap | Marcelo Gonçalves Da Silva

Fashion Study & Urban Planning In The Early 20Th Century In Japan | Izumi Kuroishi

—Session 04—

Landscape, Environment & Planning">Landscape, Environment & Planning

São Paulo, A Water City | Saide Kahtouni

Rainwater In Two City Plans For Rio De Janeiro In The Xx Century: Between Hygienism & Sustainability | Ana Lucia Britto

Urban Sprawl, Legislation & Environmental Conflicts In The Urban Expansion Zone Of Aracaju | Sarah Lúcia Alves França

A Regional Design Survey & Plans For A Revival Project In Oku-Matsushima, An Area Devastated In The Great East Japan Disaster Of March, 2011 | Keiichi Kobayashi

—Session 05—

Transfer & Resonances: Ideas, Institutions & Planning Practices In South America

The Urbanism Challenger In The South America: Uruguay & Brazil | 1930—1950 | Celia Ferraz De Souza & Maria Soares De Almeida

Lebret In Latin America: Urban Planning Institutions In Uruguay & Brazil | Virginia Pontual

Three Plans For Three Emerging South American Metropolises, 1923—1930: Analytical Frameworks For Plan Noel (Buenos Aires), Plano Agache (Rio De Janeiro) & Plano De Avenidas (São Paulo) | Vinícius Luz De Lima

City & River: Urban Plans In The Argentina Of The First Half Of The Twentieth Century | Javier Fedele

—Session 06—

Discussing Contemporary Housing">Discussing Contemporary Housing

Architecture And City In Social Housing Planning In Brazil Post–1964. A Comparative Study Between The Production Of Bnh/Cohab & Cef/Par In Cities Of The State Of São Paulo | Eulalia Portela Negrelos

An Analysis Of Housing Production In Istanbul Between 1987 & 2007 In Relation To Economic, Political And Social Processes | Zeynep Atas

The Urban Growth And Substandard Housing Conditions – Effectiveness Study Of The Tenement Houses Program Of São Paulo City | Livia De Souza Lima

Home-Villages In Portugal: Perspectives Of Architectural Design Concept & As A Strategy In Planning & Revitalization Of The Territory | Ana Bordalo & Madalena Cunha Matos

Public Policies For Social Housing In Hillsides High Risk Areas – Case Study In Alto Da Caieira – Florianópolis – Sc | Sergio Torres Moraes & Sonia Rohling Soares

—Session 07—

Methodologies Concernin The Study Of Cities & Other Collective

Ecological Economic Zoning: A New Way To Planning Land Uses Of Cities In Brazil | Cristina Pereira De Araujo

Database Architecture And Urbanism: Urban Icons In The City Of Rio De Janeiro | Rodrigo Cury Paraizo & Maria Cristina Cabral

Brick By Brick | Characterization Of The Household Infrastructure Conditions Of Campinas Metropolitan Area Municipalities Over The Two Last Census And Its Possible Correlation With Intra-Metropolitan Migration | Tiago Augusto Da Cunha

Chronology Of The Urban Thought | Paola Berenstein Jacques, Thais De Bhanthumchinda Portela, João Soares Pena Osnildo, Adão Wan-Dall Junior, Priscilla Schimitt Huapaya, Dila Reis Mendes, Adalberto Vilela & Amine Portugal Barbuda

Sustainability In Campus Planning: A Matter Of Participation | Pavesi Alessandra & Bruno Adriana

—Session 08—

Urban Planning In The Second Half Of The 20th Century

The Military Dictatorship, Urbanism, & The Urban Transformations Of Niterói | Marlice Nazareth Soares De Azevedo & Cinthia Lobato Serrano

The Experience Of Regional Planning Of The Companhia Energética De São Paulo | Mônica Peixoto Vianna

The Cemuam And The Educational Policy In The National Security State | José Francisco Bernardino Freitas

The Structural Transformation Of Spain’s Cities And Their Surrounding Territory, From The Arterial Plans Of The 1970S The Case Of Three Medium-Sized Cities: Burgos, Salamanca And Valladolid | Jose Luis Sainz Guerra & Alicia Sainz Esteban

From Policy To Plan: Regional Planning & The Relocation Of Swedish Governmental Agencies In The 1970’S | Erik Sigge

—Session 09—

Urbanization & Planning

Fortaleza (Ceará – Brazil) Urbanization Process: A Historical Perspective | Ricardo Alexandre Paiva

From Disrupted Infrastructure Towards A Connective Fabric: Changing Mediations Of Spatial Planning & Development In Metropolitan Lisbon | João Rafael Santos

Planning & Development Of Dhaka – A Story Of 400 Years | Ahsanul Kabir & Bruno Parolin

Beyond The Urban-Rural Divide: The Rescaling Politics And New Urbanrural Relationships In Kaohsiungpingtung Metropolitan Region | Yu-Chun Lin & / Cassidy I-Chin Lan

New Urban Formats – The Challenge Of Urban And Regional Planning In The East Southeast Part Of Belo Horizonte’s Perimetropolitan Area | Alfio Conti

—Session 10—

Heritage Between Social Processes & Urban Transformations

Revolutionary Cairo & Urban Modernity: Lessons From The Sixties | Yasser Elsheshtawy

Transformation Of Public Squares Of Istanbul Between 1938—1949 | Birge Yildirim

The Economic And Socio-Spatial Consequences Of Urban Growth On Rio De Janeiro Periphery: The Case Of Campo Grande | Priscilla Rodrigues Fonseca

The Architect As A Places Manufacturer | Célia Sofia De Almeida Maia

City As A Public Space: Considerations On The Urban Projects Role In Target Areas Of Urban Operations In São Paulo | Eunice Helena S. Abascal, Angélica A. T. Benatti Alvim & Volia Regina C. Kato

—Session 11—

Urban Design & Urban Politics

Designing Consequences: A Historical Urban Analysis Of The Centre Pompidou In Paris | 1970—Present | Aseem Inam

Paths And Urban Form Shaping The City: Juiz De Fora, Brazil | Antonio Colchete Filho, Luciane Tasca, Victor Nascimento & Camila Caixeta

The Social, Political & Cultural Challenges To The Promotion Of Urban Accessibility In The Context Of Brazilian Cities | Beatriz Cunha De Vasconcellos

The Grid And Its Variations On The Extensive Occupation Of The West Of São Paulo State: A Comparative Study On The Four Railroads | Adalberto Da Silva Retto Jr & Marta Enokibara

Urban Design In Downtown San Francisco: A Paradigm Shift? | Richard Hu

—Session 12—

Transnational Planners, Local Conditions & Modernization Processes

German Immigration And Public Works In The Province Of Sao Paulo In The Mid 19Th Century | Ivone Salgado

Importing Planning Ideas, Mirroring Progress: The Hinterland And The Metropolis In Mid-Twentieth-Century Brazil | Renato Rego

Foreign Professionals And Modernization Of Architecture And Urbanism: Adalberto Szilard In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil | Vera F. Rezende & Fernanda de A. Ribeiro

Elements For A Transnational History Of Planning: Oskar Stonorov’s Cross-Atlantic Connections | Paolo Scrivano

The Rebuilding Of The Center Of Rio De Janeiro During Vargas Period (1930—1945) | Fernando Diniz Moreira

—Session 13—

New Cities & Reconstruction">New Cities & Reconstruction

From Disrupted Infrastructure Towards A Connective Fabric: Changing Mediations Of Spatial Planning & Development In Metropolitan Lisbon | João Rafael Santos

A City Between Visions: Perspectives On The City Of Lagos (Portugal), A Glimpse Throughout Time And Memory, Its Effects On Architecture And Urban Environment | Maria João Pereira Neto, Pedro Gomes Januário, Mário S. Ming Kong & Andreia Garcia

Irony Of Plan-Making: Reconstruction Plans From The Great Kanto Earthquake To The Great East Japan Earthquake | Fukuo Akimoto

Desiging The Future: Planning For Climate Chances | Eliane Guaraldo

Design Of A Good City – Creating A 21St Century City In Developing Countries (& Bringing About Social Reform) | Nana-Yaw A. Andoh

—Session 14—

Coastal & Up-Country Cities: Teritorial Network

(Non) Urban Planning In Fortaleza: The Effectiveness Of The Plans For The Urban Development Of Ceará’s State Capital Up To The First Half Of The 20Th Century | Amiria Bezerra Brasil, José Clewton Do Nascimento, Dora De Holanda Coelho & Thais Oliveira Ponte

Modernizing Chinese Cities: Guangzhou From Treaty Port To Metroplis | Chen Yu

Anatolian Urban Network: Regional Commercial Networks Overcoming The Territorial Disparities | Methiye Gül Çöteli

Rio De Janeiro: An Entrepôt City In The Network Of Foodstuffs, 1799—1822 | Patrícia Gomes Da Silveira

—Session 15—

Political, Religious, Technical & Aesthetic Dimensions Of Planning

Joseph Bouvard And La Construction Moderne: Some Notes Of A Career (1885—1920) | Roseli Maria Martins D’elboux

The Role Of Guido Thomaz Marlière In The Formation Of Urban Settlements In The Zona Da Mata, In Minas Gerais, Brazil | Ítalo Itamar Caixeiro Stephan, Josarlete Magalhães Soares & Isadora Maria Floriano Ribeiro

The Multiple Languages Of Urbanism In Luiz De Anhaia Mello: Technique, Aesthetics, And Politics | Maria Stella Bresciani

Social Reform And Federalist Option In An Early 1920S’ Zionist Pre-State Regional Planning Scheme | Axel Fisher

—Session 16—

Representation & City Image

The Evolution Of Cartography In The Process Of Decoding The City: Rio De Janeiro’s Historic Center | Guilherme Meirelles Mesquita De Mattos

Cities In The Newspaper: Conflicts, Fragmentations & Convergences | Paula Scheidt Manoel & Maria Inês Sugai

The Urban Layout Implantation And The Cultural Identity Of The Portuguese Cities | Sérgio Miguel Padrão Fernandes

Representations Of Belém | Jorge Nassar Fleury

—Session 17—

City, Culture & Social Actors

Tahrir Square: A Reclamation Of Public Space | Hussam Salama

Street Vendors & Planning Cities: Challenges Of Informal Markets In Brazil | Roberta Yoshie Sakai

Between The Globalization Pressure & Quests For National Style In Church Architecture: New Belgrade Orthodox Churches | Aleksandar Kadijevic

Creativity & Culture: A Discussion Of Their Contribution To Urban Development In Istanbul | Ebru Kerimoglu

Istanbul Opening Inside-Out; Practicing Spatial & Social Overtures | Sevgi Türkkan & Zelal Rahmanal

—Session 18—

Thinking The Heritage: History & Identity

Pursuing ‘Contemporary History’ In Citie Of The Global South: An Analytical Approach To Comprehend Undocumented Spatial Developments | Sanjeev Vidyarthi

Paranapiacaba Village: History, City & Architecture | Thais Fátima Dos Santos Cruz

Japanese Debate On The Preservation Of Traditional Town Features Against Environmental Degradation 1967—1972 | Andrea Yuri Flores Urushima

The Modernist Urbanism In Southern Brazil | Maria Soares De Almeida & Ana Rosa Sulzbach Cé

—Session 19—

Regions & Regional Planning: Ideas, Plans & Representations

An Analysis Of Graphical Representations – Mapas, Diagrams And Pictures – Of The Quebrada De Humahuaca The Process Of Construction Of A Region | Graciela Favelukes & Alicia Novick

The Geographers And The Region Concept In State Of São Paulo | Jeferson Tavares

The Comissão Interestadual Da Bacia Paraná-Uruguai: Confluence Between The “Human” & The “Natural” In Brazilian Regional Planning Experience In The Second Post-War | Elisângela De Almeida Chiquito

Regionalism, Planning, And Growth: The Southern Growth Policies Board & The Sprawling American South | Carlton Basmajian

Capital Connections: Australia, Brazil & Landscapes Of National Identity | Christopher Vernon

—Session 20—

Large Scale Projects

A “Nation-Stadium” Under Construction: Discursive Struggles On The Rio De Janeiro’s Preparation For The 1950 World Cup | Erick Omena

Mega-Events In Rio De Janeiro And Their Influence On The City Planning | Karin Fernanda Schwambach

Housing Policy Of The Last Argentine Military Givernmente (1976-1983) And The Preparations For The World Cup In Buenos Aires | Jimena Alejandra Vega & Ma. Cristina da Silva Schicchi

Who Wins And Who Loses With The Great Urban Projects? Operação Urbana Consorciada Água Espraiada Evaluation In São Paulo | Eduardo Alberto Cusce Nobre

—Session 21—

City: Modernity & Representations

Pietro Maria Bardi – The Vicarious Architect: The Importation Of Italian Futurism To Brazil | Annette Condello

New Urban Patterns In The Brazilian Houses Of The Nineteenth Century: The British Contributions To The Local Standards | Maria Marta Dos Santos Camisassa

The Neighbourhood Unit: From Modern Experiment To The Development Of The Contemporary Sustainable City | Umberto Bonomo

Representing The Netherlands Or Representing Rem Koolhaas: The Dutch Embassy In Berlin | Ozan Avci

Theming, Tourism And Heritage In The City Of Penedo, State Of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil | Sergio Moraes Rego Fagerlande

—Session 22—

Town Planning In The Early 1900's: Exchanges, Diffusion & Ambiguities

The Town Planning Conference (London, 1910): International Exchanges In The Beginning Of The Modern Urbanism | José Geraldo Simões Junior

Imperial Planning: Britain & Australia (1900-1970) | Jny Gregory

The Ambiguity Of Town Planning: Innovation Or Re-Interpretation? | Andrea Verenini & Fabiano Lemes De Oliveira

Proto-Modern Patterns In The Growth Of Two Brazilian Big Cities: São Paulo & Rio De Janeiro In The Early 20Th Century | Luciana Alem Gennari

—Session 23—

Town Planning, Early, 20th Century

The City Center In Early Modern Planning | Carlos Feferman

Porto 20Th Century Urban Centralities Two Study Cases: Aliados Administrative Central Plan (Barry Parker) & Boavista Urban Axisurban Development Between Town Planning & Real-Estate Investment | Rui Tavares & Clara Vale

Re-Interpretation Of Modern Urban Models In Alvalade Plan, Lisbon | Sofia Barroco

Jardim América: International Resonances In The Design Of This Garden-Suburb | Maristela Da Silva Janjulio

Continued Improvement And Beautification? Town Planning In Launceston 1930—1945 | Stefan Petrow

—Session 24—

Cities As Ethnic-Political Frontiers

Ethnographic Landscape - A Comparative Study Of British & Japanese Settlements In Parana State – Brazil | Humberto Yamaki, Milena Kanashiro, Alex Assunção Lamounier & Maria Emanuella Panchoni

Planning The Capital City Of A «Community Of Fortune» In The Soviet Far-East: Hannes Meyer’s Scheme For The Jewish Autonomous Oblast Of Birobidzhan (1933—1934) | Axel Fischer

Reconstruction Of Anatolia For The Construction Of Nation-State: Roles Attained To Ankara And Izmir | Emel Karakaya

Cityscapes As National Symbols Urban Planning & Architecture In The Contested Territories Between Germany & Poland In The Late 19Th & 20Th Century | Arnold Bartetzky

—Session 25—

Contemporary Urban Transformations & Heritage: Construction Of An Agenda

Impact Of The Past Urban Development Projects On The Environmental Infrastructure In Large Industrial Zone & Adjacent Areas – A Case Study Of Kawasaki Sea – Side Industrial Zone | Yoshiki Mishima

Our Harbour... Their Dream’: Heritage, History & Heartache In The Redevelopment Of The Port Adelaide Waterfront, South Australia | Gertrude E. Szili & Matthew W Rofe

The Center Of Rio De Janeiro: Urban Cultural Paradoxes | Roberto Segre, Gilson Dimenstein Koat & Naylor Vilas Boas

Alfred-Donat Agache Urban Proposal For Costa Do Sol From The Territory To The City | Paula André, Teresa Marat-Mendes & Paulo Rodrigues

New Challenges In Urban Redevelopment Projects In KOrea: From Physical Improvement To COmprehensive Urban Regeneration | Seungyeoun Cho

—Session 26—

Planning The Urban Order: Images, Visions & Concepts

The Writings About Rio De Janeiro In Manoel De Araujo Portoalegre’s Works (1847—1854): The Autobiographical Documents | Priscilla Alves Peixoto

Preliminary Essay On The Continuity Of Town Planning Concepts Of The Renaissance “Ideal City” & The Modern Town Planning | Akihiro Kashima & Tsuyoshi Kigawa

Projects & Dreams For The Imperial Rio De Janeiro | Fania Fridman

Building Good Places In Queensland, Australia | John Minnery

The Work Of Gyoji Banshoya In The Middle East And North Africa | Kosuke Matsubara

The Writings About Rio De Janeiro In Manoel De Araujo Portoalegre’s Works (1847—1854): The Autobiographical Documents | Priscilla Alves Peixoto

—Session 27—

Gentrification & The Right To The City I

The Story Of “Ugly Duckling” The Rundown Slum That Survived The Socialist System Of Government Has Turned To Desirable Residential Area | Nele Nutt, Mart Hiob & Sulev Nurme

Historic Landscapes Of Exclusion In Istanbul: Right To The City? | Zeynep Gunay

The Production Of Urban Space In Palmas–To: Tensions And Convergences | Aldenilson Dos Santos Vitorino Costa

Urbanism Constrcted, Contested & COncerted: A Historical Sociology Of Urban Planning In Québec, Canada, 1950 To Today | Louis Guay

Condos, Manshon, & Gated Communities: Institutional Borrowing & Path Dependence In Urban Space | Andre Sorensen

—Session 28—

Monumentality, Identities & Planning

Planning Patriotic Landscapes In Helsinki: The Statues Of Presidents Of Finland & The New Public Role Of The Monuments | Laura Kolbe

Plans And Bones: Dead Bodies & Urban Design In São Paulo, 1932—1974 | Renato Cymbalista

“Churches Of Doctrine” In Nueva Granada, Architecture & Space Control | Carlos Jose Suarez G.

Festive Stage Settings & Symbolic Representation In The Projects Of Public Spaces | Roseli Maria Martins D’elboux

—Session 29—

Territorialism, Power & Nation Building I

Urbanization In Luanda: Geopolitical Framework A Socio-Territorial Analysis | Sílvia Leiria Viegas

Urban Planning: A “Tool” Of The State | Jerome Chenal

The Conquest Of Planning In Brazil: Three Lessons From Rômulo Almeida Economist For Architects | Alexandre De Freitas Barbosa

From Monumentality To Diversity – Maputo Between The Urban Plans Of Aguiar & Azevedo (1950—1970) | Paulo Tormenta Pinto & Ana Vaz Milheiro

Dialogue Between Brasília & Brussels: A Theater Of Operations | Guilherme Lassance & Cédric Libert

—Session 30—

Metropolitan Question? Sprawl, Inequalities & Houssing Problems

About The Analyses & Representation Of Dispersed Urbanization: Results & Perspectives | Luiz Guilherme Rivera De Castro & Ricardo Hernan Medrano

Exploring Relationships Of An Urban System; The Case Of Beyoglu | Ahu Sokmenoglu, Gulen Cagdas & Sevil Sariyildiz

City Is ‘City’, Is ‘Not City’: From The Scene Construction To The Representation Space | Andreia Garcia & Maria J. Pereira Neto

Study Of Gated Communities In The City Of Caçapava, Sp: New Developments & Typologies | Monique Bruna Silva Do Carmo & Sandra Maria Fonseca Da Costa

Patterns Of Sociospatial Distribution In A Middle Size Urban Area: The Case Of Bandirma | Elif Alkay & Hasan Serdar Kaya

—Session 31—

Challenges Of Planning in Multiple Scales

The Planning History, Theory, & Politics Of The Portland Metropolitan Area’s Original Urban Growth Boundary | Sy Adler

The (Im)Possibility Of Planning & Governance At A Metropolitan Geographic Scale As A Means For Social Change: The Case Of Belo Horizonte, Brazil | Geraldo Magela Costa

Planning & Construction History Of Panzhihua During The Three-Front Strategy Period: Backgrounds, Process, & Mechanism | Bin Xu & Linxing Xiao

São Paulo Planning History: From Sanitarism To Strategic Project | Nadia Somekh & Cintia Marino

The Ephemeral Venice: Designing Through Water In São Paulo | Luiz Ricardo Araujo Florence

—Session 32—

Gentrification & The Right To The City II

Gentrifying The Brazilian City: Convergences & Divergences In Urban Studies | Marina Toneli Siqueira

Participation In The Statute Of The City: Innovating Planning Policy? | Abigail Friendly

Lapa: a Gentrifying Neighborhood? | Mayra Mosciaro

A Critical View Over Policy Making & Civil Society In São Paulo: Concessão Urbanística, Public Audiences& Legislation Enactment | Felipe Francisco De Souza & Marta Ferreira Santos Farah

–Session 33–

Territorialism, Power & Nation Building II

Jose Bonifácio’s Brasilia In Between Brazil: Multiple Territorial Scales Of Planning Colective Life | Mário Luis Carneiro Pinto De Magalhães

City Designing And Nationhood During The Early-1900S: Civic Design In The Philippines | Ian Morley

The Contested Regionality Between Spatial Fix & Nation Schemes In The Greater Pearl River Delta Global City-Region | Cassidy I-Chih Lan & Yu-Chun Lin

A Study On Transformation Of The Planning Area Of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park Proposed By Architect Kenzo Tange And The Associates | Norioki Ishimaru

Preservation By Neglect In Sovietera Town Planning In Estonia | Daniel Baldwin Hess & Mart Hiob

—Session 34—

Archicture, City & Power">Archicture, City & Power

The City’s Architecture As Representation Of Power: A Parallel Between Brazil & Italy Through The Plans Of Goiânia (1933) & Sabaudia (1933) | Milena D’ayala Valva & Gustavo Neiva Coelho

The Survival & Disappearance Of Street Markets In Downtown Rio De Janeiro & Salvador, Brazil | Carolina Rebouças França & Vera F. Rezende

The Construction Of Neighborhoods’ Ideal Towards Political Arrangement And Cognitive Perception: The Case Of Rio De Janeiro | Luciana Alem Gennari

Daniel Burnham’s Philippines: The Landscape Dimension & Its Australian Import | Christopher Vernon

Cidadela Biológica: Formações Discursivas Sobre A Cidade De São Paulo No Início Do Século* | Mariângela P. Galli Joanilho & André Luiz Joanilho

—Session 35—

Regional & Metropolitan Dynamics

Planned Or/And Unplanned Dakar: Discontinuities & Superimpositions In Shaping The City & Urban Livelihood | Denise Piché

Multiperspective Approach For Understanding The Dynamics Of A City Under Modernization: The Case Of Istanbul | Burcin Yazgi & Zelal Rahmanali

New Metropolitan Frontiers: The South Expansion Of The Capixaba Metropolis Facing A Historical Perspective – Anchieta’s Case | Eneida Maria Souza Mendonça, Caroline Jabour De França & Thais Gonçalves Sartori

Weaving Networks Using Concepts & Tools To Assess Social Networks For Studies On Intra-Metropolitan Migration Network | Tiago Augusto Da Cunha, Henrique Frey & Alberto Augusto Eichman Jakob

Dynamics Of Cultural Activities: Analysys Of Istanbul Metropolitan Area | Kerem Yavuz Arslanli & A. Buket Onem

—Session 36—

Planning In The Regional Scale

The Historical Analysis Of The ‘Kunitachi Machizukuri Movement’: Its Nature & The Role Of Professor Shiro Masuda | Shun-Ichi J. Watanabe

Mejoramiento Barrial Y Urbano (Mbu) – Neighbourhoods & Urban Improvement &/Or The Integral Resetting Of Informal Establishments In Colombian Cities: A Strategy For Overcoming Of Urban Informality And Poverty | Sophremiano B. Antipolo

Interregional Planning In The Philippines: Legacies & Lessons From A Two-Decade Experience In Mindanao Regions - Sophremiano B. Antipolo

Urbanization Processes In The Expansion Areas Of Luanda, Maputo And Johannesburg: Urban Planning & Everyday Practices | Vanessa De Pacheco Melo

The Theoretical & Technical Knowledge On The Configuration & Reconfiguration Of The Cities Emerged From The Opening Of Pioneer Zones In The West Of São Paulo (Brazil) | Tadalberto Da Silva Retto Jr, Marta Enokibara & Norma R. T.Constantino

—Session 37—

Herritage Between Social Processes & Urban Transformations

Urban Industrial Heritage & The Contemporary City: Protection Policies & Planning Criteria | Manoela Rossinetti Rufinoni

Management Of Urban & Architectonic Heritage - Latin American Cities: A Required Approach | Maria Cristina Da Silva Schicchi

Guidelines For The Conservation Of The Cultural Heritage Building In Juiz De Fora: The Case Of Frederico De Assis’ Residence | Raquel Dias Vieira Braga & Carolina Gomes Antonucci

Living Through “Revitalization”: Youth, Liminality, And The Legacy Of Slum Clearance In Present-Day Regent Park | Ryan K. James

The Lost Capital City | Roberto Segre, José Barki, Naylor Vilas Boas & Thiago Leitão

—Session 38—

Ideals & Ideologies Concerning The Urban Space

A Modern Ensemble At The Argentinian Pampa: Clorindo Testa’s Civic Center In Santa Rosa | Cláudia Piantá Costa Cabral

A Study On The Concept Of The Theory For City Planning By Kenzo Tange — The Relationship Between The Life Of The City And The People’s Life– | Tomoko Kuroda

São Paulo From Community To Metropolis: The City Of Richard Morse | Ana Claudia Veiga De Castro

Ian Nairn (1930—1983) | Lorenza Pavesi