IPHS 2012

The International Planning History Society (IPHS) was inaugurated in January 1993 as a successor body to the Planning History Group, founded in England in 1974.

The Society endeavors to foster the study of planning history worldwide; encourages and supports interest and place-based networks in the fields of planning history; publishes a journal and organises conferences.

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Theme: Cities, nations and regions in planning history

The Conference that will be held in São Paulo is the first incursion of IPHS in South America. This is an opportunity to know one of the hugest cities around the world, locus of a multiplicity of ideas and forms of urbanization.

Cities and the planning of cities are major factors in territorial occupation, regional development and national modernization. They are an inseparable part of economics reconfigurations, geo-politics and cultures of the territory.

The proposed theme addresses to the persistent question of how to overcome territorial disparities and asymmetries in the sphere of planning history. It is an attempt to detect connections and discontinuities, tensions and superimpositions, both in the processes of urbanization and the planning field. As such, it brings to the foreground practices, concepts, and meanings related to the links between cities, the nation and different regional scales.

In summary, it attempts to advance the comprehension of planning history in distinct space–time conditions in terms of social, economic, political and cultural dynamics.