5 September (wednesday)

Keynote Speaker II
[Rui Barbosa Mackenzie Auditorium]

Guilherme Cunha Lima 
[ESDI-UERJ, Brazil]
Professor and researcher at Rio de Janeiro State University School of Industrial Design
Conference theme: 
Design history in Brazil
[Rui Barbosa Mackenzie Auditorium]
10:30 Coffee Break [FAU-Mackenzie]
11:00 [FAU Mackenzie]
Poster Session

Emanuela Fanny Bonini Lessing and Valentina Bonifacio
Identity across boundaries. A study conducted by communication designers and social anthropologists

Helder Cardoso and Richard Perassi
Place branding: graphic design's participation in strategic management and brand identity of the cities

Florencia Cecilia Croccia, Silvia Fábregas and Mariano Adessi
Public information. Design, visibility and citizenship

Sónia Matos
Here we don't speak, here we whistle: Designing a language support system for the Silbo Gomero

Ivan Alexander Mizanzuk
Modernity boundaries in the process of understanding Brazilian design

Nuno Coelho
Packaging design in Portugal during the 20th century as a political propagandistic devide

Vanessa Espínola
Ocuppy design: Sao Paulo and New York

Fabio Parode and Ione Bentz
Design for a Sustainable Culture

Nubia Santos, Josenete Mendes and Aurelio Gouvêa
Design and Biodiversity: The Production of Knowledge in the Development of Sustainable Products

Marina Kosovski, Claudio Magalhães and João Leite
Lightness and Beauty in Furniture Design

Marcia Smith, Gordon Blair and Rachel Cooper
Digital Clothing Manufacture: Digital Innovation and Co-Design Changing the Clothing Industry

Mário Barros; Ana Casimiro
A practical experience on acting local thinking global: design as the enabler of new sources of collaboration

Wilson Barbosa Neto and Gabriela Celani
How to go from the file to the factory

Marina Boechat
Space, information and cosmology on today's computer interfaces

12:00 Lunch
Parallel sessions III
Room A | T2.3 IDE 
Identities and Territories

Alex Mitrani
Politics of fragility in Catalonia: Radical austerity in postwar context, its origins and
continuity until nowadays

Jonathan Mekinda
Designing 'The House of Man': Franco Albini and the place of Neorealism in
italian design, 1930-1960

Denise Hagströmer
Swedish Modern' meets internatinal high politics: the 1959 New Delhi embassy
and Ambassador Alva Myrdal

Dannae Cortés, Aura Cruz, Jani Galland, Marcela Pérez
Imported design ideas and its spreading in Latin America: a historiographical critique

Room B | T4.3 TEC
Techniques and Technologies

Kathi Martin and Hyeong-Seok Ko
Sewn or Simulated: Transformational Fashion Realizations

Nicoli Ferraz, Cristina Alvarez and Mauro Pinheiro
The use of ceramics within the signage project in hostile and environmental
protected areas: The Keller Peninsula Case

Friedemann Schaber
History, Design and Technology in the Leather Trade – Case Studies from India and Britain

Vicente Cerqueira
Design for Glass: A study of the historical relationship of production with new social paradigms

Room C | T6.3 OPE
Open Strand

José Marconi Bezerra de Souza and Lia Monica Rossi
Sertanejo Art Deco: an inspiration for a Brazilian design?

José D'Elboux
Architectural Lettering: from Information to Identity. A Study On Gregori Warchavchik’s
Condomínio Cícero Prado

[Unable to attend]
Daniela Hanns and Polise Marchi
A Dialog Between Art and City through Artistic Interventions on Facades and Walls in São Paulo City

Fátima Finizola, Solange Coutinho and Virgínia Cavalcanti
Vernacular design: A Discussion on its Concept

Room D | T1.3 EDU
History of Design Education

Hakan Anay and Ulku Ozten
Bauhaus Pedagogy and Digital Design

David Oswald
The Information Department at the Ulm School of Design

Iara P. Camargo and Leandro M. R. Velloso
Search for meaning: A study on the Cranbrook Academy of Art´s Graphic Design Department

Tatiana Tabak and Jackeline Lima Farbiarz
(Not)Solving (Non)Problems: Design Contributions to Educational Urges in a Complex World

Room E | T5.1 IMP
The New Imperialism: the international face of design and design history

Lisa Banu
Frontiers of Looking Past: A Nietzschean Survey of Introductions and Intentions in Design History

Jonathan M Woodham
Design, Histories, Empires and Peripheries

Wendy Siuyi Wong
Mythification of National Discourses in Poster Design: Rethinking Expressions of
Chineseness in the Globalized World

Damon Taylor
Towards a Digital Batavia: Resonances of the VOC in the New Colonialism of the Internet of Things
15:30 Short break [FAU-Maranhão]
Parallel sessions IV
Room A | T2.4 IDE 
Identities and Territories

Mora Bendesky
Political toys: Perón's gifts for children, 1946-1955

Noriko Yoshimura
The identity and design of the modern british home under the influence of the 'feminine territory' and Japanese Art

Simoné Malacchini
Lira Popular, chilean broadsheets from the late nineteenth century. A graphic referent and its relation
with sheets from Brazil and Mexico

Helena Barbosa
The signature of Portuguese posters from 17th Century to 20th Century: one history of identities

Room B | T4.4 TEC
Techniques and Technologies

Emilene Zitkus, Patrick Langdon and John Clarkson
How to supply designers effectively with knowledge about accessibility and inclusion?

Rodrigo Hanauer, Paulo Reyes, Bruna Remus and Carlo Franzato
Online Platforms for the Co-Design of Alternative Urban Scenarios

Paula Csillag
Relationships between Neuroscience and Visual Perception Model Sens-Org-Int Contributing
to Design Practices

Essi Kuure and Antti Lindström
The Voices of the Users - How Technology Can Help in Co-innovation

Room C | T6.4 OPE
Open Strand

Guy Keulemans
Italian Radicals and Dutch Conceptuals: The Sensation of Affect in Two Movements

[Unable to attend]
Fedja Vukic
Art Criticism and Semantic Construction of the Concept of Design

Els De Vos
Interieur Kortrijk, an Edu-Commercial Biennale as Mediation Junction between Several Actors

Room D | T3.3 NAT
National Policies on Design

Elisa Barbosa and Fernanda Sarmento
Opportunities and challenges for the design in the Brazilian National Policy on Solid Waste

Viviane G. A. Nunes and Francesco Zurlo
Design as strategy to improve wood furniture production, through a network perspective

Camila Offenhenden
"Contributions of design. A tool to improve business performance."
Metropolitan Design Center, Buenos Aires

[Unable to attend]
Marzia Mortati and Giuliano Simonelli
The Italian public system supporting Innovation: which role for design?


Room E | T5.2 IMP
The New Imperialism: the international face of design and design history

Yuko Kikuchi
Questionable Translatability: The Contested notion of ‘Japaneseness’ in the craft and
craft design of the Japanese Empire

Yoshimune Ishikawa
Eastern Craft in Orientalism and Modern Design

Wilma Ruth Temin
Mappin tells the history of graphic design in São Paulo from 1913 to 1939

[Unable to attend]
Yoshie Itani
Mapping Cup & Saucer Design in the 21st Century

17:15 Coffee-break [FAU-Mackenzie]
Round table II

[Rui Barbosa Mackenzie Auditorium]
Design Frontiers: design history and design studies in Latin America

An overview of the characteristics, problems, issues and dynamics of design studies and design history in Latin America. The proposal is to discuss such topics based on the personal experiences of the participants, who have different research backgrounds, and come from different Latin American countries. Despite the diversity of themes and circumstances that such experiences may show, it is expected to be similarities that can characterize design history and design studies in the region. Participants will report about those issues in their countries, and about their own research or studies. At the end of all reports, a debate will be stimulated, aiming to identify convergences or differences between the presented scenarios.

Marcos Braga [moderator]
(U. of São Paulo, Brazil)

Adélia Borges
(Independent curator, Brazil)

Edna Cunha Lima
(Pontifical Catholic U. of Rio de Janeiro)

Héctor Flores Magón
(U. of Guadalajara, Mexico)

Veronica Devalle
(U. of Buenos Aires, Argentina)

[Rui Barbosa Mackenzie Auditorium]


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