6 September (thursday)

Keynote Speaker III
[Rui Barbosa Mackenzie Auditorium]

Veronica Devalle
[FADU-UBA, Argentina]
Professor and researcher at University of Buenos Aires School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism
Conference theme:
Traditions, archaeologies and genealogies in the history of design

This paper considers the problems that currently exist in the historiography of design. Among these, that regarding what should belong to the past of design. The use of the concept of genealogy to describe historical work is then questioned. The text closes with a reflection on the need to continue building an interdisciplinary approach to address design in theoretical and methodological terms. 

[Rui Barbosa Mackenzie Auditorium]
10:30 Coffee Break [FAU-Mackenzie]
11:00 [FAU Mackenzie]
Poster Session and Book Launch


Emanuela Fanny Bonini Lessing and Valentina Bonifacio
Identity across boundaries. A study conducted by communication designers and social anthropologists

Helder Cardoso and Richard Perassi
Place branding: graphic design's participation in strategic management and brand identity of the cities

Florencia Cecilia Croccia, Silvia Fábregas and Mariano Adessi
Public information. Design, visibility and citizenship

Sónia Matos
Here we don't speak, here we whistle: Designing a language support system for the Silbo Gomero

Ivan Alexander Mizanzuk
Modernity boundaries in the process of understanding Brazilian design

Nuno Coelho
Packaging design in Portugal during the 20th century as a political propagandistic devide

Vanessa Espínola
Ocuppy design: Sao Paulo and New York

Fabio Parode and Ione Bentz
Design for a Sustainable Culture

Nubia Santos, Josenete Mendes and Aurelio Gouvêa
Design and Biodiversity: The Production of Knowledge in the Development of Sustainable Products

Marina Kosovski, Claudio Magalhães and João Leite
Lightness and Beauty in Furniture Design

Marcia Smith, Gordon Blair and Rachel Cooper
Digital Clothing Manufacture: Digital Innovation and Co-Design Changing the Clothing Industry

Mário Barros; Ana Casimiro
A practical experience on acting local thinking global: design as the enabler of new sources of collaboration

Wilson Barbosa Neto and Gabriela Celani
How to go from the file to the factory

Marina Boechat
Space, information and cosmology on today's computer interfaces

12:00 Lunch
Parallel sessions V
Room A | T2.5 IDE 
Identities and Territories

Camila Assis Peres Silva and Guilherme Cunha Lima
From the improvisation to the solution: the design in the casual market of the city of Rio de Janeiro

Ana Beatriz Pereira de Andrade
Design of dissent: the multimodal discourse in Guerrilla Guirls and DASPU

Noni Geiger
Design and the street

Breno Bitarello Sad and João Queiroz
Designing new tattoos: relations about technology and tattoo design

Room B | T4.5 TEC
Techniques and Technologies

Leticia Pedruzzi Fonseca
Graphic innovations implemented in the Brazilian Press by Julião Machado in the end of the 19th Century

Andre Novaes de Rezende
Firebird: Alex Steinweiss' 78rpm album covers and the letterpress printing process

Clara S. Lima, Sebastião A. Cavalcante, Malthus O. Queiroz and Silvio Barreto Campello
The presence of the autotype technique in the weekly Cri-Cri’s graphic design project: traces of the graphic memory in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco

Luiza B. Barrocas, Sebastião A. Cavalcante, Malthus O. Queiroz and Silvio Barreto Campello
Dutch maps of Pernambuco from the seventeenth century: the technique and the metafunctions of the graphical language

Room C | T6.5 OPE
Open Strand

Ozge Merzali Celikoglu and Alpay Er
The Story of Convertible Sofa-Bed: Reading the Social Change in Turkey through the Design of an Industrial Product

Paul Atkinson
Vapourware and the Agency of Ideas

Juan Camilo Buitrago, Adriana Guzmán and Germán Pinilla
Pre-Columbian Asceticism. The Tuza-Piartal Morphological Expectation from Ocarina CRIA-269

Room D | T1.4 EDU
History of Design Education

Catherine Dixon
The role of typeface categorization systems in the typographic education of the printer: a corrective legacy still with us today

Heliana Pacheco and Guilherme Toledo
A sparkle in people's eyes as the starting point for great design – a comparison between design research methodologies

Ana Gabriela Godinho Lima and Alessandra Márcia de Freitas Stefani
Past Present and Future of Designerly Ways of Knowing

Hyun-Guk Ryu
John Ross’ Pioneering Role and Contribution to Printing, Publication and Education in Korea: 1870~1910

Room E | T5.3 IMP
The New Imperialism: the international face of design and design history

Ana Carolina Moraes
"Go you too to Amazonia": analysis of a poster designed by Jean-Pierre Chabloz for the "Rubber Campaign"

Oscar Salinas Flores
Organic Design, MoMA 1940. The Breath of Modernity Reaches Latin America

Patricia Amorim and Virginia Cavalcanti
Modern design meets Latin America: the role of pioneering design magazines Habitat and nueva visión in Brazil and Argentina
15:30 Short break [FAU-Maranhão]
Parallel sessions VI
Room A | T2.6 IDE
Identities and Territories

Astrid Skjerven
Corporate identity in a global market: The challenge of the Jotun company

Claudia Scaff and Douglas Johansen
Outside looking in: Foreign perceptions of Brazilian design culture

Fabiano Pereira
Mapping and analysis possibilities to vernacular typography design attributes use for mobile design interfaces and applications

Solórzano Augusto and Didier Correa-Ortiz
Graphic narratives of the domestic landscape: a case study of the back pages of telephone directories, Medellín fron 1956 to 2012

Room B | T4.6 TEC
Techniques and Technologies

David Preston
Co-ordinated design policy and the shift from one-off designs to comprehensive design systems

Irene Maldini
From ‘Do it yourself’ to ‘Open design’: users’ involvement and democratization

Bruno Massara Rocha
Contributions of improvisation techniques to interactive environment design

Héctor Flores Magón Y Jiménez and Aralia María Garduño Barahona
Human development design centered: Mexican local case

Room C | T6.6 OPE
Open Strand

Chris Ramil
The Collection of Textbooks “Tapete Verde”: From the Creation to the Graphic Production by Editora Globo (RS/Brazil), on the 1970s

Kollontai Diniz
Their Pen Draws Everything, as if it were Print”: Letterforms on the Title Page of the Catecismo de la Lengua Guarani

Washington Dias Lessa, Almir Mirabeau, Edna Cunha Lima and Guilherme Cunha Lima
Cruzeiro Novo Project: Design and Technology for the first series of banknotes printed in Brazil

Room D | T1.5 EDU
History of Design Education

Luz Neira and Sarah Wain
Teaching arts and crafts or the transference of technology: Ernest Bower and textile design practice in Brazil

Ana Luiza Nobre
Design in Brazil: which revolution?

Maria Regina Alvares Correia Dias, Giselle Hissa Safar and Johelma Pires Avelar
The historical trajectory of the pioneers of design education in Brazil: ESDI/UERJ and ED/UEMG

[Unable to attend]
Izabel Maria de Oliveira and Rita Maria de Souza Couto
Educational Practice Discourse on Teaching Project Design in Graduate Design Courses in Brazil

Room E | T5.4 IMP
The New Imperialism: the international face of design and design history

Zoy Anastassakis
Lina Bo Bardi and Aloisio Magalhães: other strands of Design in Brazil

Ana Paula Perfetto-Demarchi, Cleuza Bittencourt Ribas Fornasier and Rosane Fonseca de Freitas Martins
The Graphic Translation by the Designer’s sensitive rationality

Sebastião A. Cavalcante and Silvio Barreto Campello
The design of Manoel Bandeira: a historical view of periodicals in the the 1930’s in Pernambuco
17:15 Coffee-break [FAU-Mackenzie]
Round table III
[Rui Barbosa Mackenzie Auditorium]
ICDHS2012: track reports and forthcoming issues

The ICDHS 2012 | Design frontiers: territories, concepts, technologies aims to discuss how design history, studies and practice could challenge the limits of the design knowledge. The contributions to this discussion are presented orally in parallel sessions, which are guided by specific tracks: History of Design Education, Identities and Territories, National Policies on Design, Techniques and Technologies, The New Imperialism: the international face of design and design history, and a track open to the conference general theme. As this roundtable closes the ICDHS2012, its proposal is to share what was discussed in the track sessions with the whole audience. Track chairs are invited to provide a summary of what was discussed in their sessions and to set a preliminary assessment, indicating the presence of new issues in paper communications, those that emerged from session debates and the perception of absences, which could point directions for future meetings.

Zuleica Schincariol [moderator]
(Mackenzie Presbiterian U., Brazil)

Silvio Barreto Campello
(Federal U. of Pernambuco, Brazil)

Oscar Salinas Flores
(National U. of Mexico, Mexico)

Cyntia Malaguti
(U. of São Paulo, Brazil)

Paul Atkinson
(Sheffield Hallam U., UK)

Denise Dantas
(U. of São Paulo, Brazil)

Victor Margolin
(U. of Illinois at Chicago, USA)

[Rui Barbosa Mackenzie Auditorium]
19:30 [Rui Barbosa Mackenzie Auditorium]
Closing session


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