The FAU has two courses: the Course of Architecture and Urban Planning and the Course Design. The Course of Architecture and Urban Planning has a mission to train professional architects and planners to be able to respond the most complex demands of society related of public interest and environmental requiring specific skills in the formulation of plans and development projects, conservation, restoration of the built spaces and urban systems and environmental.

Currently, special emphasis has been given to the methodological tools needed for the formulation of physical and organizational social housing alternatives, public buildings, collective spaces and urban systems, conservation and restoration of built heritage and its harmonization with the physical natural urban. The Course of Design has as mission to promote, in the visual aspect of programming, the interface between informational content and human beings, and in the case of product design, the interface between technologic substratum and the same human beings.

And this commitment to the pursuit of new knowledge, through ongoing expansion of the theoretical repertoire and innovative practice test, allows FAU – originated in mainly professionals content – to integrate the academic broader purposes of the University as a whole today. It is no coincidence that the set of disciplines offered in the undergraduate curriculum covers innovative content of applied social sciences, technology, and design practice not covered by the minimum curriculum officers and the majority of existing courses. Our College creates paradigms and this implies a great responsibility related to the prospects of professional practice and academic work of architecture and urbanism across the country.