Welcome to FAU

We welcome you all to FAU!

In order to make your stay more comfortable in our University, we provide the following information:

First Steps:

The first burocratic step you may do in you arrival to Brasil, is to arrange your RNE (Registro Nacional de  Estrangeiro, or, Foreigner National Register) at Polícia Federal (Federal Police). In order to get your RNE, you must follow the following instructions:

  1. Schedule your visit to Polícia Federal on the website www.dpf.gov.br before going personally to the Policia Federal office. When you enter on the website, select the option “Estrangeiro” and “Agendamento para registro de estrangeiros (RNE) e Anistia”. After fill all the required campus, you will receive a date to go personally to the Policia Federal. If this date exceed the maximum of 30 days after you arrival (as requested in your passport), come to CCInt-FAU office and we will give you a letter, that you may deliver in Polícia Federal, asking to anticipate this date 
  2. Payment of two taxes, whose you will find at www.dpf.gov.br following the options: Serviços >GRU> GRU-FUNAPOL> opção 3 para pessoas estrangeiras e entidades estrangeires. It will appear a form that you must fill twice:

    First Time: in the campus “Unidade Arrecadadora” select the option “SP (027-2) SUPERINTENDENCIA REGIONAL DO ESTADO DE SÃO PAULO”; in the campus “Código da Receita”, select the code: 140082 – Registro de Estrangeiro. Click in “Gerar Guia” and print.

    Second Time: In the campus “Unidade Arrecadadora” select the option “SP (027-2) SUPERINTENDENCIA
    REGIONAL NO ESTADO DE SÃO PAULO”; and in the campus “Código da Receita”, select the code: 140120 – Carteira de Estrangeiros de 1ª via. Click in “Gerar Guia” and print.

  3. Require document to Foreigner National Register:
    Completed form at Polícia Federal website
    Two recent 3×4 photos, with white background and undated
    Original valid passport and notarized copy (only the used pages)
    Visa Application Form
    Certification of consular registration with membership in Portuguese language, that should be obtained at your country consulate in Brazil
    Certified copy of the input/output card.
    Original proof of payment of the two rates
  4. Address: Polícia Federal – Superintendência regional do Estado de São Paulo. Rua Hugo D’Antola, 95 – Lapa de Baixo – São Paulo – SP. Contact: (11) 3538-5000/ (11) 3538-5126/ (11) 3538-5108/ nutel.srsp@dpf.gov.br.

Alternative option to arrange the RNE: An alternative option that may speed the procedures to get your RNE is go directly to the Policia Federal office in the airport as soon as you arrive to São Paulo. The Policia Federal office in the airport usually does all this procedures faster.

Portuguese course for Foreigners:

The Portuguese course for foreigners is held in Linguages Center of FFLHC. It counts on a workload of 28 hours, with 2 hours of class per week. It is important to notice that the Portuguese Course for Foreigner will not be on
your transcript of records. The course has no fees, just a tax of R$ 90,00 to expenditures with material. In order to inscribe on the Portuguese Course you must fill the form on Centro de Línguas website and forward that to the following e-mail clport@usp.br . The deadline for inscription is March 8 th. After the inscription the students will be invited for an interview that will happens on March 12th and 13th. Entries and further information at the following address: http://clinguas.fflch.usp.br/node/772.


To the ones that appreciate sports, USP’s Sports Center (CEPEUSP) provides a wide variety of activities. To registration, you must go on the first class of the sport that you intend to practice. For further information check the website: http://www.cepe.usp.br/site/

University Restaurants (Bandejões)

There are four of them currently working at the University City. They provide the students with complete meals for R$ 1,90 each. The tickets can be purchased near the central restaurant. For further information and to verify the menu can be found at: http://www.usp.br/coseas/COSEASHP/COSEAS2010_cardapio.html

Campus Transport

In order to get around the campus, you can use the internal circulars or the urban bus.

  1. Circulars/BUSP: The internal circulars are Circular 1 (line 8012-10) and Circular 2 (line 8022-10) (circulars routes: http://www.puspc.usp.br/wpcontent/uploads/2012/04/trajeto.pdf), that start their route from the Butantã subway station. The use of the circulars is free with the BUSP card that will be given to you.
  2. Urban Bus: The urban bus that come to Cidade Universitária from many different parts of São Paulo (urban bus lines: http://www.puspc.usp.br/?page_id=100). For further information: http://www.puspc.usp.br/?page_id=59.

Bilhete Único de Estudante

To acquire a Bilhete Único de Estudante is necessary, at first, to get you RNE. After that, and after your enrollment, you must go to Setor de Passe Escolar (Scholar Pass Departament) , located in Rua do Anfiteatro, n°295, with a 3×4 photo, where you will fill a form.


The enrollment will take place on August, after your arrival, on the Seção de Alunos (Student Section). The courses in FAU are divided between elective (the ones whose code ends with an uneven number) and obligatory (the ones whose code ends with a even number) courses, and the elective courses has a restrictive number of vacancies, and
because of that you can enroll at most on two elective courses. You may enroll on the courses that you are interested in as soon as possible.

Departments and Disciplines

Three are the departments of FAU, each responsible by a different set of Disciplines: Project Department (responsible for AUP coded disciplines), Technology Department (AUT) and History of Architecture Department
(AUH). To see the content of each discipline, type it’s name or code at https://sistemas.usp.br/jupiterweb/, at the link “Disciplinas”.

Pró-Aluno Room

As FAU Students, you have access to the internet through Pró-Aluno Room’s computers, which stays besides the Seção de Alunos.

Wi-fi Internet

It is possible use the wi-fi internet around the campus trough your register in the following website: http://www.vpn.usp.br/.