Incoming Students (English)

FAUUSP receives students from partner institutions abroad for one or two
semesters, depending on the nature of the agreement between the instituitions, both in the Architecture course and in the Design course.
The Architecture and Design courses at FAUUSP last five years. The Architecture course takes classes in the morning and afternoon (from 08h00 to 18h00) and the Design course is in the evening (19h00 to 22h30).
About credits: 1 credit class equals 15 hours and 1 credit work, 30 hours.
The institution of origin, when the student returns from his / her exchange abroad, makes an analysis of credits and hours completed by the student during the exchange, to account it in his own system.
The FAUUSP school year begins at the beginning of the year, usually at the end of February. The academic calendar can be accessed at Jupiterweb:


To apply for a vacancy as an exchange student at the FAU, the home institution must make its appointment online via the Mundus system (
After being appointed by his home institution, the exchange student will receive an email with the instructions to complete his Mundus registration.
It is the student’s duty to provide the necessary documentation.

Obs.: Acceptance will depend on the number of students interested in the semester, since the agreement provides for the mutual exchange of the same number of students between institutions.

Deadline for online submission

  • For the first semester (February to June), the application must be submitted from August 1st to October 15th;
  • For the second semester (August to December), from March 1st to May 15th .

To assist you with USP’s nomination procedures, please forward the following link to the FAQ in English:

Necessary documents for online submission

A digital (and readable) copy of the following documents will be required for registration:

  • 1. Letter of recommendation written by a professor at the university of origin;
  • 2. Study Contract (signed and stamped by the university of origin): Contrato;
  • 3. Official school history and its simple translation into Portuguese (signed and stamped by the university of origin);
  • 4. Copy of the page of the passport that contains the personal data (must be valid for the period of exchange in USP);
  • 5. A photo in “.jpg” format (size 50Kb).

Scholarships and Costs

USP is a free public institution, and it receives foreign students without the charge of school fees. Therefore, it does not offer scholarships.


The University has no accommodation for foreign students. In the case of exchange students, CCInt advises students to seek information in the Info Housing program ( . Or sign up for the USP iFriend program USP iFriend.

Portuguese for Foreigners Course

There is no formal requirement for prior knowledge of Portuguese, but all classes are taught in the Portuguese language.
The FFLCH Language Center offers a semester course in Portuguese for Foreigners. Information by site or by email:
In addition to this course, USP offers an online Portuguese course:


At USP there are University Restaurants, known as “bandejões”. This Restaurants offers breakfast, lunch and dinner to the USP community. The price of meals can be found at the link below:


More information on USP exchange can be obtained from the AUCANI website (USP Agency for National and International Academic Cooperation):

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