We are pleased to announce the EAHN /FAUUSP conference, to be held between March 20th and 23th 2013 in Sao Paolo, at FAUUSP (Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo, University of São Paulo). The main goal of this meeting is to bring together the Brazilian scholars and the world-wide members of the EAHN in an open dialogue, sharing subjects of common interest as well as methodological approaches. While the theme of the conference reflects this openness, it represents meanwhile a founding topic for the history of Brazil and of other Latin-American countries, also echoing similar situations in other places on the globe. Correspondences, transfers, circulation and migration – of people and ideas – have been fundamental in human culture, architecture included, and are crucial in understanding the relations between Europe and Americas. It is important for the first conference of the EAHN outside Europe to embrace such topics which constitute practically an illustration of one of its major goals: fostering inclusive, transnational, interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches to the history of the building environment. For more information: eahn.fauusp@gmail.com