International Agreements

FAUUSP has academic agreements with several institutions around the world: FAUUSP’s Partner Institutions

The agreements allow students to do differents mobility’s programs, as Undergraduate and/or Graduate Exchange, Double Undergraduate and/or Graduate Degree, as well as providing for the exchange of professors, researchers and technical staff.

As FAUUSP is a public institution and there is no fee for the students, for this reason we do not accept “free movers”, only exchanges with bilateral agreements that provide bilateral exchange of students between between interested schools.

International Academic Agreements

Agreements Instructions

To initiate an agreement, the institution must contact us (, so that we can begin negotiations on legal terms between the parties involved.

If there is already a contact with a FAUUSP’s professor, this professor may mediate the negotiation. In this case, we ask the FAU professor to contact our office so that we can provide guidance on how to process the Agreement request.

USP has some pre-written agreement models, which can be made more flexible as agreed between the institutions.

Below are two models of agreements in English:

FAUUSP _ (eng) Mobility Agreement

FAUUSP _ (eng) MoU Cooperação Internacional


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