International Students – Incoming

Most bachelor’s degrees and teacher education programmes at USP are either 4-, 4½- or 5-year programmes without having a combined master’s degree. At the Brazilian postgraduate level the so-called stricto sensu postgraduate programmes – even the professional ones – are divided into two levels: mestrado (master’s degree) and doutorado (doctoral/ PhD degree), which may differ in structure and nature from the ones offered abroad and therefore international students enrolled in subjects whose curricula at their home institutions are structured in a different, hence asymmetric way, e.g. Bologna second-cycle (Master’s) degrees, may be highly recommended to attend courses at USP at the undergraduate level.

International Students - Incoming

Undergraduate Exchange at FAUUSP

Factsheet _ FAUUSP 2022 v2

FAUUSP receives students from partner institutions abroad for one or two semesters, depending on the nature of the agreement between the institutions. FAUUSP receives students of Architecture and Design courses.
The courses of Architecture and Urbanism and Design at FAUUSP last five years. The Architecture course has classes in the morning and afternoon (from 08h00 to 18h00) and the Design course is in the night (19h00 to 22h30).

USP’s Credits : 1 credit class is 15 hours and 1 credit work, 30 hours. The home institution, upon return of the student, makes an analysis of the credits and hours completed by the student during the exchange, to account for them in their own system.
FAUUSP’s academic year begins at the beginning of the year, usually at the end of February. The academic calendar can be accessed at Jupiterweb:


To apply for an exchange student at FAU, the home institution must make her / him NOMINATION.

For Institutions that have a direct agreement with FAU, the Nomination is through the following link:

For Institutions that have an agreement only with USP, the Nomination is through the Mundus system:

Having been NOMINATED by her / him home institution, the exchange student will receive an email with instructions to complete their application to Mundus. It is the student’s duty to provide the necessary documentation.

Note: Acceptance is subject to the number of students interested in doing an exchange at FAU in that semester. In case of many applications (above what we can receive) we give priority to institutions that have a direct agreement with FAUUSP, in order to respect the balance of sending and receiving students between schools. And in these cases we can limit between 1 or 2 students from institutions that do not have an agreement with the FAU.


Classes in the 1st semester (February – June)
Nomination: 01 Ago – 05 Oct
Application: until 15 Oct – online registration
Classes in the 2nd semester (August – December)
Nomination: 01 Mar – 05 May
Application: until 15 May – online registration


Necessary documents

A digital – and readable – copy of the following documents will be required for application at Mundus:

  1. – Letter of recommendation written by a home university professor;
  2. Study Plan _ FAU – for FAUUSP partner institutions (with direct agreement with FAU)
  3. – or Learning Agreement – for USP partner institutions (agreement just with USP);
  4. – Official transcript of records (it can be in Portuguese, English or Spanish);
  5. – Copy of passport page containing personal data (must be valid for USP exchange period);
  6. – A face photo in “.jpg” format.

Attention: Photo in jpg format smaller than 200Kb and documents in pdf format smaller than 1Mb

Portuguese Course for Foreigners
There is no formal requirement of prior knowledge of Portuguese, but all classes are taught in the language. The FFLCH Language Center offers a semester course of Portuguese for Foreigners. Information by the site or by the email:

In addition to this course, USP offers an online Portuguese course:

Scholarships and Costs

USP is a free and public institution that receives foreign students without school fees. Therefore, it does not offer scholarships.


The University does not have accommodation for foreign students. For exchange students, it is recommended that students seek information in the Info Housing program. Or sign up for the USP iFriend program.


At USP there are the University Restaurants, known as “Bandejões”. The Trays offer breakfast, lunch and dinner to the USP community. The price of meals can be found at the link below:


More information about exchange at USP can be obtained from the AUCANI (USP National and International Academic Cooperation Agency) website:

To enroll in disciplines

Enrollment in disciplines starts 2 weeks after the beginning of semester, so that exchange students can “test” the classes before including them in their school transcripts.

At the time of application, the student chooses the disciplines he “would like” to study, at the moment of application he is not enrolling in any of them. Enrollment starts only after classes start.

USP School Transcripts

USP Transcripts of Records


EVERY foreigner who stays more than 90 days in Brazil is required to apply to the Federal Police for a Residence Permit and CRNM (National Migration Registry Card).

The deadline for regularization is 90 days after entry into Brazilian national territory.

Instrucoes CRMN _ Pt Eng

Check list – Residencia e CRMN

Declaração de endereço eletrônico e demais meios de contato



StepbyStep – GRU

Double Undergraduate Degree

What is the Double Undergraduate Degree?

The Double Undergraduate Degree (Duplo-Diploma) is a specific mobility modality for undergraduate students. It allows the student to complete the program related to the last two years of the undergraduate courses (architecture or design) at FAU, being able to obtain a diploma related to this degree at the end of this period.

The study period varies according to the agreement established between the Schools. Currently, FAU’s agreements with POLIMI provide that the program lasts for 4 semesters.

FAU has this Double Undergraduate Degree programs:

ALUNO FAU: Para participar do programa o aluno deverá se inscrever nos editais específicos para a seleção, sempre observando os requisitos e demais informações.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT: For the Double Undergraduate Degree at FAUUSP, the student must be nominated by the home school / faculty. For more information, contact your school’s International Office.

Graduate Student at FAUUSP

Enrolling as a graduate student at FAU USP

FAU USP offers Master’s and Ph.D degree courses in Architecture and Urbanism, and in Design.

In order to enroll in one of those courses as a regular student it is necessary to apply and be approved in one of the Selection Processes offered yearly.

It is also possible to apply for one of the classes offered by those courses, as a special student.

For more information, see:

FAU USP Graduate Program in Architecture and Urbanism

FAU USP Graduate Program in Design

FAU USP Graduate studies – Selection Process

FAU USP Graduate studies – Special Students


Graduate student exchange at FAU USP

Graduate students regularly enrolled in Master’s (after completing 5 years of undergraduation, according to the Brazilian higher education structure) or Ph.D courses in other institutions can apply for a period of research and/or of studies at FAU USP graduate programs in Architecture and Urbanism, and in Design.

For more information, look for your institution’s international office or send an email message to <>.


Double Graduate Degree

The Double Graduate Degree is an exchange program, in which the student develops part of his Master’s or Ph.D research at FAU USP and part in a foreign institution, under the supervision of at least two professors, one in each institution, to obtain a Master’s or a Ph.D degree awarded by the two institutions.

To apply for this program, it is mandatory that the student is already enrolled in a graduate program as a Master or a Ph.D degree candidate, and that an agreement towards the double degree is established between FAU USP and the foreign institution.

FAU USP has a long experience with specific double graduate degrees, established upon qualified request, and currently has a general Double Ph.D Degree agreement with IUAV University of Venice.

For more information, look for your institution’s Ph.d program office or international office, or send an email message to <>.

See also:

USP Graduate Studies Office, Double/Multiple Title

Undergraduate Transfer to FAUUSP

Transfer from other higher education institutions (both Brazilian or foreign) is only possible when vacancies are available after regular enrollment and internal transfer processes (from one USP School to another).

This admission process happens via pre-selection and specific examinations, both applied by FUVEST.
For more information, access -> Transferência.

Undergraduate Regular Student


The admission test – “Vestibular” – is organized every year by Fundação Universitária para o Vestibular (FUVEST). It is commonly applied between November and January.

All the exams are held in Portuguese, and in Brazil.

Further information can be found at:


Some vacancies are filled through the Sisu – unified national selection system – to candidates participating in the National High School Exam (Enem).


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