Decree – Creation

Decree number 25/2004

Ricardo Toledo Silva, Architecture and Urbanism College Headmaster of São Paulo University, in order:

  • The necessity to strengthen the School’s International connections with regarding centers on Architecture and Urbanism areas;
  • Promote and divulge the Unity’s production abroad;
  • Strengthen the Unity’s position of national and international regarding center on Architecture and Urbanism;
  • Stimulate international interchanges of teachers and students on postgratuate and graduate;

In the exercise of their legal duties creates the Unit International Cooperation Comission, referred as FAU CCInt, under that follow.

1st Article – FAU CCInt will be composed by at most three professors indicated by the Board and an academic support exercised by technical enabled.

         1st Paragraph. The technical academic referred into this caput article will be indicated by the Board, heard the Academic Assistance.

2nd Article – FAU CCInt will have the attributions that follow:

  • Develop and implement the policies of International Cooperation in the Graduate and postgratuate courses in concert with the academic committees and departments.
  • Help the administration on the affairs related to International Cooperation.
  • Organize and monitor with the Academic Committees and the Departments the International Cooperation Agreements.
  • Appreciate in the first instance, at FAU USP, the minutes of agreements and protocols on International Cooperation, giving activity and sending them to Congregation or CTA’s concent.
  • Elaborate and improve agreements drafts in order to apropriate them into the policies of the International Cooperation Unit.
  • Organize the material for publishing the activities undertaken by FAU USP and disseminate to the educational institutions abroad.
  • Approve the selection process and requirements for the students’ participation of the Unit in international interchange.
  • Set rules for the acceptance of foreign students in courses and the Unit’s programs.

3rd Article – Academic support of FAU CCInt will have the attributions that follow:

  • Give advise to Commission in all its activities.
  • Organize and disseminate in own FAU USP website, the informations about convenants, agreements and grants of the Unity and entities with agreements.
  • Conduct all the administrative activities related to professors and students received by the Unit, including the receipt of documentation for inclusion on unit’s courses and programs, the registration forms fill, forward requirements and resources related to the visitors’ academic life.
  • Assist the Uniti’s students and professors interested in participating in courses and programs of entity in agreement, providing them about documents and contacts informations.
  • Organize and conduct to the external relations organisms of entities in agreement the necessary documents for students participation of this unit in its programs and courses
  • Keep continuous contact with the entities in agreement raising the annual vacancies number to professors and students interchanges.

4th article – This decree takes effect since this date.

2004 november 30th, São Paulo.
Ricardo Toledo Silva