Incoming Students

FAUUSP receives exchange students from partner universities by either one or two semesters, depending upon the nature of the agreement between them, both in the Architecture and in the Design courses. The deadlines for the sending of documents use to take place around March, for the semester started by August, and October, for the semester started by February – it must be noted that, in accordance to the Brazilian academic system, FAUUSP academic year begins in February.

Application deadlines: 

  • For the first semester (February-June): October 5th
  • For the second semester (August-November): May 5th

At FAUUSP, 1 lecture credit equals 15 hours and 1 exercise credit equals 30 hours. The student’s home institution analyses the course hours and credits completed by the student once his/her exchange is over, in order to fit it into their own credit system.  

Having been selected by its home institution, the exchange student should fill in an application form, which should then be sent to the Central USP International Relations Office. The Central Office is held responsible for the emitting of the Letter of Acceptance.
The acceptance depends upon the number of students interested in exchanging, as the agreements usually foresee the exchange of the same amount of students every year.

Doccuments for Application:

  • A letter by the student’s institution requesting his enrollment to USP;
  • Copy of passport (filled pages);
  • Two (foto 3×4?), one attached to the form, the other scanned to .jpg:
  • Brief student’s plan of studies listing the disciplines of his/her interest. Click here to know how to choose the subjects;

Note: The information regarding disciplines in the website is only available in Portuguese.

  • Student’s records translated into Portuguese and acknowledged by the student’s home institution;
  • An indication letter by a student’s home institution professor;
  • Online registration form

Such documents should be forwarded to:

CCInt – Comissão de Cooperação Internacional da Universidade de São Paulo
Rua do Anfiteatro, 181 – Favo 16 – Colméia – Cidade Universitária – São Paulo/SP – Brasil
CEP 05508-060

By enrollment, it should be requested:

  • Copy of health insurance/copy of life insurance;
  • Copy of passport, with Student visa (Temporário IV).

Costs and Scholarships

As USP is a public, free institution, it receives exchange students with no charge. It doesn’t, however, offer any scholarship at all.


The University does not provide accommodation for exchange students. However, the International Relations Office (CCInt) provides orientation through the Homestay Programm, helping the student to locate a housing more easily – email: 

Portuguese course

There’s not an official requirement on a previous knowledge of the Portuguese, but the classes are all held in the language. FFLCH’s Language Center offers on a six month basis a Portuguese for Strangers course. Information at or by email:


The Bandejões (University’s Restaurants) provide both dinner and lunch to the whole USP community. The price of the meals, the week menu and information regarding other restaurants are available at


A blog managed by FAU students, supported by the International Relations Office, aimed to inform foreign students not only on the University, but on life in São Paulo as a whole: